Acousmatic works

Simone Sims Longo | Est_Ovest [homage to Paul Lansky]
duration: 8:21

Est_Ovest is a composition crafted using reimagined sound from urban traffic. The original recordings were captured in the underground gallery that connects the East and West areas of Cuneo, a gallery that has always held a captivating soundscape for me. It was in this very location that I embarked on my first field recording exercise during my initial year at the electronic music course back in 2011. The memories of the resounding echoes within the gallery have remained with me over the years. Motivated by those recollections, I decided to revisit this specific spot in the city and employ the resulting material in an electroacoustic composition. Inspired by Paul Lansky’s iconic magnificent piece, “Night Traffic,” I utilized various digital techniques to reimagine the traffic sounds

Artwork curated by Fred Cigno

Riflesso – second prize at the INA GRM Découvertes 2021 [ ]

Artwork curated by Fred Cigno