Radioracconti resistenti | installation | 2021

[duration 46:49 – loop]

Eight radio tales composed with testimonies taken from historical archives and diffused by a trumpet speaker from 1925. The stories are born from the need to propose some important partisan testimonies of the Cuneo area, to raise awareness, spread and remember the important actions carried out by men and women for the freedom of the nation. Through electroacoustic manipulation, the testimonies of the Nuto Revelli’s archive and others from private individuals in the Piedmont area have been reorganized into evocative audio tales that include diegetic sounds and music. The episodes are intervals of one minute of silence. The audio stories are divided into categories, the categories represent the macro common themes that have emerged from the different testimonies on the partisan struggle.

– Fear
– Paraloup
– The enemy
– The farmers
– The role of women
– The choice
– The injured
– The homeland