Simultanea e astrazioni | music / audiovisual | 2021


Total time: 48:44
Releases April 23, 2021

Music composition and mastering by Simone Sims Longo
Photography by Vittorio Mortarotti
Direction by
Solitunes Records – SR009

Simultanea e astrazioni collects 16 pieces composed between 2017 and 2020 by Simone Sims Longo. The origin of the work comes from the fascination for the sound that surround us and that unknowingly create complex figures becoming a personal acoustic experience. The intent of the composition stems from the desire to create and control the changing organic textures that combine natural and synthesis sounds. The musical development starts from the consideration that the encoding and the interpretation of sound, when disconnected from the source and reworked, connects directly to our background and this highlights a process of interpretation of the personal sound event that opens creative cues. The organization of the sound in these pieces takes place by balancing of sample-loop with different lengths recalled in time-windows and by encouraging the development of sound, thus creating accommodating or sometimes sharp changes. The pieces are not explicitly identified to an electroacoustic sound research and the organization of sound is strongly influenced by the rhythmic influence of club music and by the contemporary electronic sound expressions of which the artist declines a personal interpretation. Simultanea e astrazioni play at times with sound perception and organizes fragments to create short and abstract episodes. The compositional techniques used are many: digital techniques of sound synthesis, acoustic instruments samples, field recordings, spectral processing. The approach refers to computer music where the computer becomes a musical tool where the processing takes place and in which all external inputs converge.

The cover is a shot by Vittorio Mortarotti, “Untitled” from the series “Una linea”, 2019-2020.

The work is presented live as an audiovisual performance where the video is used to extend the sonic possibilities and joins the audio with a correlation of visual music creating a new sensory dimension. Some pieces are accompanied by a visual representation also as fixed-media acquiring a video-art dimension.